Monday, September 05, 2005

Camp Out

In a few days I'll be winging my way to the high desert of Southern California and a little place called Pioneertown, to attend Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven Camp Out. I'll be posting about it all week ... excitement grows ... I'll also try to post about the Camp Out from there if I can find WiFi or at least some dial-up. I'll take my new camera and post as many pics as I can. This will be a new one; my stellar reviews plus pics! I hope that you can stand all the excitement.


Barb said...

Hey Lisa...You'll probably find WiFi in Yucca Valley as I think a Starbucks is located there. Beezer looks like a sweetie...they all do when they're asleep though, don't they?

Mungo said...

Hey tootles,
Good idea, your blog, looking forward to meeting you in Pi-town. It's all a bit crazy for me, I have no idea what to expect and am completely unprepared, but that adds to the excitement. Hope to find you, look for Philippe, the small French guy with glasses, and i should be nearby :)