Sunday, December 25, 2005


Santy-Paws was here!!

I got 3 new toys; 2 ball thingies which are soft and rolley and fun to chase and throw up in the air to bat and catch. I'm not as keen on the pillow thingie.
But I love the ball thingies. I had to hide the white one. Someone thinks its funny to throw and watch me run for it. Now only I know where it is.

I also got a new bed, which is good 'coz after all that play I need a looooog nap. Its fuzzy and soft and snuggly and a purr-fect fit. (I just like to sleep with my head on my arms.)

Oh, and I got some yummy treats ... I'm too sleepy to show you those right now.

Happy Cat-mass to one and all!

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