Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hard Working Cat

I know most people
think I'm just a pampered kitty, but I'm really a hard working cat.

This is what I have to do every morning to get my person off to work.
It all starts when the alarm goes off and wakes me from a nice dream of tuna with a nice shrimp sauce..... Its sooo early. Can't we say it's the weeked and sleep a little longer?

First, I have a quick breakfast. Yummy crunchies, gotta power-up for the day ahead. And she makes something called 'coffee'. It smells icky and is really hot. I give it 4 paws down!

Then I have to check to see if
her shower is ready.

Yep, it's just right,
not too hot; not too cold.

Now I have to supervise her using the blower thing to dry and style her hair. I'm glad that I'm a cat, it's so much easier to take care of my fur and keep clean.

Phewwww. That's hard work. All just to get her out the door so she can make the money to buy me stinky goodness for dinner.
I need a nap!


Fat Eric said...

Those are great pictures of you, Beezer! I know, it is hard work running a house and keeping the humans under control. My dad would have overslept yesterday if I hadn't been around to make sure he woke up. The Gorgeous Gingers logo is looking good on your page, by the way.

brainwise said...

It's all too true, Beezer ... all too true.

DEBRA said...


You deserve an extra helping of stinky goodness for all your hard work!

**ABBY(the manx)

The Meezers said...

Wow Beezer, you shur do werk hard!

srp said...

You really work there. All we do is sleep but then at 8:45 PM every evening we start making our way to the sunroom. That is where we sleep, sometimes the dog gets to come in with us as he is happier then. All mom has to do is say "shoo-shoo" and we head out. And they say you can't herd cats....OOPS, I hear a bird... got to go...that's MY job.. birdwatching. - Rhett

SB said...

It's a Spike kitty!

Thanks for The Gorgeous Gingers link.

Derby said...

What a busy kitty you are, keeping the household together. I agree with you about the coffee, but mum doesn't drink it either.

The Boyz said...

Yes, it's exhausting work.
Hope you had a nice long rest, Beezer.
Rafe n Rhett

Bonnie Underfoot said...

I have turned over most of the morning supervision to young Victor, the stoopid cowcat they insist lives here. He must be good for something. The man is still mine, but Victor can supervise my woman in the shower, leaving me more time in my desk chair. You're werking awfully hard for a cat. They're only beans, after all!

Gigolo Kitty said...

Such a hardworking kitty! I can't believe you are so unappreciated.

Cheysuli said...

don't forget you are keeping that pillow warm for her too. Humans just don't understand the work we go through for them