Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cool Cat

Beezer, its so hot kitties all over are in danger of melting. How do you stay so cool?
Come on, Beez! You gotta have a secret. Won't you share with all the kitties?


Well, how about Eric in the UK?

Eric? I like Eric, he's ginger and big boned like me.

Yes, he is. So, what is the secret?

Think cool thoughts.

Cool thoughts? Like about how the fog rolls in and keeps us cool?

Cool. Like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker cool.

Beezer, I didn't know you were a big jazz fan.

I am.
And if you roll over you can get a nice breeze on your tummy.

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The Meezers said...

cool breezes on tummies are wonderful!

tbirdonawire said...

you are one cool cat!

Fat Eric said...

Beezer, you are a cool example to all us big ginger boys.

I started eating my packet of Deli Slices and you were right, they ARE delicious!

Another big ginger boy, Big Eric, has started his own blog with his brother. If you can, please go and say hi to him at Thanks.

Patches & Mittens said...

It is so hot here, Beezer, Daddy didn't even have to turn on the grill to cook the hangyburgers. Do you believe that? That is what he told me.

Patches Lady

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady says she wants ta pet your tummy. she likes big fluffy tummys.

Russ said...

I've known for a while that Beezer was a handome fellow, but I never realized he was chubby, too.

I guess all the "Ask the Cats" pics of him snarfing food should have been a giveaway, eh?

Eric and Flynn said...

Hi Beezer Thanks for dropping by our blog to say hello. I must say all us big ginger boys are very handsome aren't we. I've been feeling too hot as well and spend all my time laying under my favourite tree. Even Flynn's slowed down. Mum says he is still too hyper though.