Monday, September 12, 2005

Immy's Stage notes

Victor's Stage Notes

Jonathan's set

This is just so brilliant. JES is truly one of a kind. What a great set; I like how he is unafraid to challenge a rock audience. Its always fun to hear what he’s up to.


Cracker didn’t use a written set list, but here is what they played:

One fine day
I See The Light
Movie Star
Teen angst
100 Flower Power Maximum
Big Dipper
Euro-trash Girl

Lonesome Johnny
The Shiner song

Been Around The World
Sweet Potato
Duty Free
Happy Birthday
I ride my bike

Then the fans sang happy birthday to David and Johnny. Well it *Was* their birthday!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Monks set list

Monks Of Doom

Sorry, I'm not the best photog .... I'll try to get better shots & post some more latter


Click on Pic to enbiggen.

Typed version below....


Click on pic to enbiggen
Here is what it all means:
zz top
long plastic
Eye I&II
white riot
shut us down
r&r uzbekistan
skin bowl
might makes right
7 languages
one of these

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Campout the morning after

Well, coffee and bagels in my room, are giving way to Bloody Mary’s by the pool.

More to come ….

Victor's Set

We all hope that the members of Victor’s family in Louisiana are in good health and in a good place.

Cursion—words can’t express ….. (He’s run out of comments-ed.)

JessicaVictor’s solo work is excellent, especially preformed live.

Mr. Monkey Fingers enjoyed the hell out of it.

He’s my San Fran homie, words can’t express. That’s why there’s music

Angels wish they could sing like L.P.

Tootles—L.P. is a goddess! I don’t get to see her enough, and my life is better for last night.

Mark—she shrieks, she wails, she kicks sissy boy ass.

Cursion—I wish the set could have been longer, I can’t get enough of her. (I don’t feel threatened, she would kick his sissy boy ass – Mrs. Cursion)

All--she’s just amazing, everybody who hears her want more!

Johnny's set

Curison--the response to the set was great. I've seen him in Richmond, and they just don't get it, last night it was spectacular; with the local crowd.

JessicaBeauregard was awesome he should play it every time.

Jill—I was disappointed that he didn’t play ‘Father Winter’. (But she says this every show that he doesn’t play ‘Father Winter’ – ed.)

MarkJohnny once again exemplified the positive force of nature he spreads through his music. (He liked it he really, really liked it – ed.)

Wish you were here

More to come......

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh Mama!!

That's the good stuff! Give it here.

He grabbed the "Kitty Can't Cope Sack" and ran off with it. Once I find him I'll try to get some more pics. I guess he just wants some undisturbed quality time with his new toy.

Thanks to CT Yankee for making this CA Cat so happy!

Baby's got a brand new bag

Of catnip!

The big guy's first sniff .....

Monday, September 05, 2005

Road Trip!

Road Trip! Road Trip!!
When we goin’?  Huh, huh?  When we Goin’!

Silly Beezer, the Camp Out is just for people.

I don’t care, I LOVE Cracker music.  I wanna go toooo. I've been listening to it all my life!

Silly Beezer, you must stay home and guard the CD collection.

But I wanna go ..... I'm gonna sulk and maybe hack up a hairball into your shoe. Crappy people only stuff.

Camp Out

In a few days I'll be winging my way to the high desert of Southern California and a little place called Pioneertown, to attend Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven Camp Out. I'll be posting about it all week ... excitement grows ... I'll also try to post about the Camp Out from there if I can find WiFi or at least some dial-up. I'll take my new camera and post as many pics as I can. This will be a new one; my stellar reviews plus pics! I hope that you can stand all the excitement.


This is Beezer. You'll see a lot of him, he keeps me sane. He's also quite opinionated as you'll find out. I'm sure he'd have something to say, but, he's napping right now.