Monday, April 21, 2008

Too Much Monkey Busniess

First, I gots ta say a big thanks to mine pals Ollie & Sunny for this totally awesome award! *blush* No one ever called me hip before.

Second, I know I haven't posted in a while .... I'm still here!
Where have I been? Well, right here!

The mombean sez there is too much 'monkey business' going on at her work-job so she's been getting home late.
Late and grumpy!
Hey! I'm the one waiting for mine dinner!! And she has the nerve to be grumpy. Sheeeesh.

And what is this monkey busy-ness? I don't know. I thought she worked with computers. I sniff her good when she comes home and she doesn't smell different. Don't monkeys smell? I've seen them on TV and they look like they smell.

Anyway ...... I've been able to visit a little and I've been joining in on the raffles & stuff. And I've been purrin' & purrin' for my friends.
Here's what else I've been doin'.....
Nappin' on mine bed.
Nappin' on her bed.....
Sittin' on mine Gizzy on the rocker.....
Loungin' on the futon in the sun.....
Ya know, I try to keep busy.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Purring For Our Friends

We are very sad and purring as hard as we can.
Sweet kitties please be safe.
Sweet Mom Laura you are in our thoughts and purrayers.