Friday, July 27, 2007

Mmmm Cat Grass

Hey, Beezer, wha'cha doin'?

I... Ummmm.... I'm just checking.....

Are you chewing on the cat grass?

Ummmm ..... mmm *chew, chomp*
Hey this stuff is really good.

I'm gonna make fortune selling this stuff!

If there is any left to sell!
I think we should have planted a few more seeds.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Farm Report

Mornin' Good Neighbors!

Farmer Beezer here, and this is The Farm Report.

The weather has been cool and foggy here in San Francisco, typical for this time of year.
The good news is, so far the Cat Grass is a-startin' to come up!
Here is a close up:
Now, I know its not much to look at yet, but I'm still hopeful for a bumper crop.

The Nip will take a few more days, the package sez 5-10 days.
Holy smokes! That's a lotta naps!

In other news, the sweet Sadie at Mosaic Cats has tagged me for the newest meme. (Sorry Sadie, I'm taken. But you sure are one of the cutest girls in the blogosphere)

You need to write your own proverb:

A proverb is a simple and concrete saying popularly known and repeated, which expresses a truth, based on common sense or the practical experience of catkind.

So here is mine:

A litter box is not your own until you have pooped in it.

(Beezer! That is not very polite!!
He-he-he, yeah, but its true.)

Ok, how about this:

Tuna in the bowl is worth 2 cans in the pantry.

(Much better.)

I'm gonna tag:

My own sweet girl Precious Flower
The sweet Darling Millie
The great ginger Fat Eric
(his Mum is on holiday, but she'll help him when she gets home)
The great Buns Fiona and 'Lando
'Coz its always fun to get the world from a Bunny's point of view

Friday, July 20, 2007

My Green Paw

Mime mombean was surprised this week when the mail person at work stopped by her desk with a package. Well, she got really excited when she opened it up and saw that it really was for me! (I forgave her for opening it up at work with out me.) From our coolerest pals KC and Misty.

When she got home and showed me that it was some prime nip and some seeds to grow my own fresh nip and kitty grass! I knew in a flash that it would be the start of my farming career. I did some research on the web and gave her a list of supplies I'd need for farming in our apartment. She stopped by the plant store on the way home and got me 2 clay pots and saucers to go under them and some potting soil called 'Black Gold'. Its all organic and has something called 'worm castings' (whatever that is) in it. She told the man at the store that it was for growing cat nip. He laughed and told her it would grow great 'nip.She put the soil in the pots for me and brought it over to the window shelf for me to take over. First in go the seeds. Positioning is key!Then some water...And check to make sure its all good. Yeah, that looks right.Now I just have to wait....And wait .........................................I'm just waitin' here........................................Oh, man, how long is this gonna take?

Thank you very, very much KC & Misty!

I'll post some more pictures as soon as something happens. It may take a few sleeps though. Oh, I didn't plant all the seeds, I saved some for a second and third crop.

Oh, and non-farming kitties can be found at The Carnival Of The Cats on Sunday, and at Weekend cat blogging at WCB hosted by Astrid, Kashim & Othello. For the best in cat blogging every day its the catblogosphere!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Don't Cha

Step on ma Blue Suede Shoes!

Coz I'm a Rockin' Boy!
Rock, rock, rock .......... Rockin' BOY!!
Oh, yeaaaaa.
I think my RED fevver boa really makes me look like a rock star!

Thanks to my special pals The Meezer kitties for nominating me for this award, you guys R-O-C-K too.

pee-ess the mombean sez she's sorry we over looked this awsome award. It was totally cool of you guys.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Plum-er Cometh

We had a major plum-ing problem this week. The kitchen sink had somthin' wrong with it and there was water all over!

Well, the mombean hadda pull all the wet stuff out from under the sink and dry it off. Its lucky that she had most of it wrapped up in plastic shopping bags or it all would have gotten wet! She did have a box of dishes that she doesn't use a lot stuck in there. And that was a mess, all the cardboard and wrapping paper was soaked! And it was smelly too.

Man ya should have heard her swearin'!! I think that kind of language isn't very lady like.

She had to wash the kitchen floor about a bazillion times. And then she had ta get on her hands and knees to wipe out the cabinet and see want was wrong. Somthin', I danno what, but she went to see the building manager about it. The next day this guy called a plum-er came in and he was bangging around under there for a while.
I ran to the bathroom, like I always do when ever there is some one in the apartment that I don't know.

As you can see I was guarding the bathroom sink.

I like to sleep in the sink when it gets hot, and I had to make sure that nothin' was done to disturb my spot!

Of course, when he was done she had to wash the kitchen floor (again), and wipe out the cabinet (again!) and put every thing back. (she still has to find a new box for the dishes, though)

I hope this week is a little more quiet. I don't like all these goings on!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Secret Paws

[NOTE: Mine mombean hadda go to the eye doctor today, just a check up for new glasses, and they put somethin' in her eyes that made them all wonky & then she gotted a big headache so these aren't the bestest pictures. Like she needs another excuse for her not-so-great photo skills. I really need to get a professional.]

Com'on, com'on, open it!!
Oooooo, I can't wait.
Look at all this really neat stuff from my pals Abby, Miss Boo, Jinx, and my special fellow ginger pal Ping! From all they way in sunny Florida.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Of course I wented for the Temptastions treats first, wouldn't you? And there is tuna yum-yum Fancy Feast, my all time favorite.
Ooooooo! now this tigger boing-boing toy is really fun. Sting toys are the beans.And these little mice will be fun to leave on the bathroom rug where she can step on them in the middle of the night. *shee-hee-hee!*
Spark-lee balls. MMmmmm soft and biteable perfect for chomping and throwing up in the air and batting around.

Mombean sez that she's gonna keep this really cute kitty pin for herself. Is that legal??

Thanks, thanks & thanks again! You guys & gals are best-er-est Secret Paws.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fresh Nip!!

Hey Beezer! Guess what I got for you??


Fresh Nip!

You better not be kiddin' lady!

Yeah, its the pre-mo stuff! I got it at the Farmers Market this morning. And I got some peaches, green beans, lettuce, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and....

Make with the nip all ready.
Come have a sniff.

This is what ya want to be looking for to tell if its really the good stuff. See the little flower buds? That means its RIPE!

Oh, my sweet goodness!
Lots and lots of real, fresh NIP!
Have I told you how much I love my mombean?
She is the best-er-est a kitty could ever have.