Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gorgeous Ginger Wednesday

I have decided that I like my new bed. Its near mine mombean's desk so I can be near her, in comfort, while she updates my blog after dinner. I can curl up like the above ......
Or I can stretch out and still be comfortable like this. I think this pose shows what a big and handsome mancat I am. Even if I did squint coz of the flash.

Oh, as you can see on the side bar I have a button for the animal rescue site. just click on the button and you will go to their site where you can give food, at no cost to you, to kitties, woofies, bunnies and others. They are some good people helping animals waiting to go to their forever home.
You can get a button for your site here.

I was at the San Francisco SPCA for a few days before I came home, so I really want to give back for all the kindness they showed to me when I was just a baby kitten. I hope you will click on my button and help.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Night Dinner

Boy, oh boy, was dinner ever good tonight!!

This is what I had T-U-N-A!!!
There is nothing better than Tuna.
I loves me my Tuna.
Nom-nom-nom-nom! I am the happiest kitty ever.

This is what mine mombean had.
Super yummy Chicken Thighs Braised in White Wine from Millie's Mom's Cooks With Love site. It has her favorite things, Chicken, Wine, Lemon & Garlic.

She was making all these happy sounds while she was eating. The recipe calls for 2 chicken thighs per serving, but that is too much food for mine mombean coz she likes to fill up on veggies. So, on the left is just 1 with a spoonful of the yummy sauce over it. She didn't have any flat leaf parsley, but it was just great. Next time she makes it -- and there will be a next time, and soon -- she'll remember to pick up some parsley.

Oh, the side dishes ... There is brown rice & lentils at the (top of the plate). This a mombean specialty. Its 2 parts brown rice and 1 part lentils. Cook just as you would any rice, that is twice as much water (or stock) as dry. So, 1 cup of rice and lentils cooks with 2 cups liquid. Yummy.
And then there is the steamed broccoli. I know this is the part that will make my good pal Roxy jealous!

So now with full and happy tummies we are gonna go watch a movie.
Thanks you, thank you Millie's Mom for sharing such a great recipe.

Nickname Meme

Here are the rules for the Nicknames Meme:
Post a link to the kitty who tagged you, and post the rules on your blog. List your real name, how you got your real name, nicknames you like/tolerate, and nicknames you wish your humans would stop calling you. Tag several kitties, and write a comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Ok, ok. I'll wake up and post my answer.

My good pal (and twin from a different mamacat), Ping and his sister Boo tagged me.
I wrote a long post about how I got my name before so you can go read that. Really, its great story -- if I do say so myself, and I just did!

Now, lets see nick names .... Humm ...... The names I like:

I get called Sweet Potato and Sweet Potato Pie, Sweet Pea, do you see a theme here?

And I get called Boo or Beezie Boo. This is because as a kitten I liked to play pounce and tag the feet. I'd hide next to a chair or something and jump or pounce on a foot (preferably bare) and tag the foot then run away. Mine mombean would say "Boo!" and jump a little. It was a really fun game that we both really liked. I don't do anymore now that I'm a grown up mancat, its really more a kitten's game. Now whenever I kinda sneak up, or just walk up quietly behind her she says "Boo! There you are." and I rub against her legs. Its just a little thing we do that makes us happy.

Sometimes she calls me Sweet Boy or Good Boy or Silly Boy when she hugs me and I really like that. I give her purrs and head butts in return, she really likes that.

The names I don't like:

Waddles, Belly Boy, Pudgy or just Pudg. Like she should talk!
And the name I really don't like is Damn It No!

I tag:
Ping (coz I'd really like to know where he gots his name)

And I tag Daisy. I know that she is a very sweet girl I'm sure that she has a great story.

Now, I'm going back to my nap.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Chair

This is my chair. I like sitting in my chair.
Oh, so its Your chair. Just coz its at Your desk. Where You work.


Ok. OK! I'll get down.
Sheesh! I don't get no respect.

I'd like to welcome some new members to the cat blogosphere,
Wrigley and Cobalt and Lyra and Caesar
They are 4 of the cutest lil Tuxie kittens ever! It is gonna be a lot of fun watching them grow up. They may live in two different homes, in two different countries but they look like they could be from the same family. The Tuxedo Gang is really gonna be busy this winter with these kittens!
If you haven't already stop by, say 'HI' and tell 'em Beezer sent ya ;)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

ManCat Monday

For Caesar a good mancat.

Boy, I'm glad that its Monday!

I had a really craptacular Sunday. And Its all Millie's mombean's fault!!
See, she posted about how clean her house was, the TV room, the bathroom, the kitchen.... Well, mine mombean saw that and said, "This place could use a little cleaning too!"

So, she started by making a big pot of veggie stew to eat this week. Then, while that was slowly cookin' on the stove, she started cleaning. The bathroom tub, the bean litterbox, the sink, the floor... now it all smells funny. "Mmmmm piney-woods fresh!", she says.
Ick, I says.

Then she started dusting. Its a good thing I don't have any allergies coz she kicked up a right proper dust storm! I can't remember when she did this last, I don't think she can remember either. She looked at the windows and the venetian blinds and said "Hummm .... these need to come down and dumped into the tub for a real cleaning." Good for me, she really hates this job and puts it off as long as she can.

Then, she did my litter box ... more of that piney stink. At least she washed it all out and put in my scent free litter. I mean no real mancat wants ta go where it smells like the parfum counter at Macy's! No, a real mancat wants ta leave his own smell.
Am I right guys?
So then the old litter and all the trash had to be collected, the recycling too, and taken to the trash place. I thought she might be done, but Noooooo!

The rug sucking monster came out!! She was moving chairs and tables, the Futon, runnin' that thing all over and puttin' stuff back. she even dragged it into the bathroom (where I was hiding till she was done) and ran all over the rug in there, and she even did my bed. She even picked up a bunch of my toys and put them away in the closet!! She said I don't play with them all, and she's tired of picking them up so she can run the rug monster. Really! How rude!

Finally, she was done. She put the Stew in a bowl and into the 'fridge.
"I'm sorry Beez, I know how much you hate it when I clean. Would a little nip on your new bed make you feel a little better?"
What can I say, I caved. I sniffed and chewed on the nip she sprinkled on my bed and I even curled up for a snooze. Its the first time I've napped here! (Well, not counting the one time she spotted me here in the middle of the night when she got up to use her litter box.) I was just too worn out by all her cleaning to move. Cleaning is hard work. What a way to spend a Sunday.

I'm glad its Monday and I can have some peace and quiet.

Award Thanks

Here I am checking my home-grown kitty-grass. I love the stuff! I had mine mombean move it to the living room window so it will get a lot of sun and grow quickly so I can chew it all up. (Don't worry, I have more seeds so I can plant more!)

Now, I gotta tell ya mine mombean has been very, very, lazy. I've had a talk with her and she has promised to try to be better about helping me post. Just once a week is not enough, coz there is a lot of stuff going on and I wanna be apart of it all.

And also, I wants ta thank Chance & Ernie for this wonderful award:
It says "You Make My Day Award" It is very special and it really makes me feeel good to know that I have made someone happy with my blog! That's the whole point about blogging to have your say and connect with other Kitties and their Beans. Thank you, thank you Chance & Ernie!!
I would like to pass it on to Baby Mao. His bro-furr Yao-Lin sez he smells of poo, but I doesn't gotta smell him, so I think he's a fine Meezer who just wants ta have fun. And who doen't wanna have fun?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Maobert & Annie Come Home

Mao please come home we all miss you!
Annie, your family misses you too!
(Click on a picture for all the updates)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm So Mad!

I'm so mad I could hiss and spit!!

My good pals Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat alerted me to the website owned by Purina that linked to my very own bloggy, this one here, the one you are reading.

Purina did not ask me, and I did not approve this use!

I do not endorse any Purina products.

I don't, and have never, eaten any Purina food. They use gluten and by-products. That stuff is icky!
I eat only the best premium, holistic food my mom can feed me. I take what I eat very seriously.
(if you want to know which brand put a note in the comments and I'll let you know)

This blog is just for fun and not for any commercial use of any kind.

I think it is very, very, rude of them to use/link to my blog on a commercial website without asking! Mine mombean called them and told them that their use was without permission and that they should remove the link immediately.

Oh, my blogoshphere friends can link to me on their bloggies, just as we have always done, to keep up with our friends and meet new friends, for personal use. We are just having fun! We are kitties not corporations trying to make a buck.

I may from time mention some toy, treat, or food that I especially enjoy; just as any kitty or bean might want to tell a friend about something they especially like. But, its only as friend to friend to tell you what I like and never for compensation or commercial use.

The cat blogosphere has always been, for me, about friends and fun and the love of good kitties and their beans, and helping other kitties too.

OK, I think I feel a little better now.
Sorry for the long rant. I'll post my 7 weird things meme tomorrow.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Is that NIP....

On my new bed???
Stretch and reach to get all the goodness!Ahhhhhh...... that's the good stuff.

And relax.

I still haven't napped on it yet. But I'm really diggin' the whole put some nip on it part.

Oh, and I really want to say an extra thanks to my good pals Daisy and Pixie, my Secret Paws, for the Cat Dancer toy. I haven't enjoyed a new toy as much in a long time. I even drag it over to mine mombean to get her to play it with me. I really go after it and it gets my heart poundin'! Mombean hasn't figured out how to take pictures of me chasin' it and playing with me at the same time, but I'll get her to work on it.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

As you can see my new bed is big enough to accommodate the big mancat I am!

The only problem is I don't seem to like it. This is only the second time mine mombean has seen me laying on it.. Oh, I go up to it and make biscuits on it but I won't curl up, or stretch out and have a real nap on it.

Maybe I'm more of a cuddle cup kinda guy. I'm not sayin' and mombean is bummed coz she thought that it would be a great present for me.

Anyone know why I don't seem to like my new bed?
She talkin' about taking up my old bed and hiding it in the closet so the only bed I have is my new one. (But save the old in case I really don't take to the new bed)