Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

We're just having a quiet time at home this year. The food lady made chicken with roast onions, steamed brown rice and spaghetti squash. A nice glass of red Califorina Zinfandel completed the meal. I had Fancy Feast fish and shrimp flavor. All in all a good meal for the end of the year.

Now with a good movie DVD and a egg-nog latte (made with the last of the holiday nog) we'll finish out the year with a good lap sit.

Quiet. Just the way I like it.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Santy Paws Waz Here

Santy Paws Waz here!!!

He left the stuff in the closet coz we don't have a fireplace. So make sure that you check out all the closets to make sure that there isn't something hidden away.

Ok my loot:
I got 3; count 'em 1-2-3! flavors of temp-taste-ons. I even got treats before I finished my breaky-fast. And some Pounce treats too. (We sent some Pounce treats to my cousins in Mass-chew-sets and their beans told my bean that they love them just as much as I do.)

And I got some refills for.....
My new scratcher. Now, I know that I said that I didn't want a scratcher, but with some fresh premium nip sprinked on top, well lets just say I dig it. ;) Sometimes a guy just needs to work off some tension.

But bestest of all ---

I gots a feather tail on a stick!!!!

My person waves it and I go wild.

I grab it with my paw and put the big bitey on it. **CHOMP**

I even stop stratching to play with it.

After all that I'm gonna need a long nap.

Happy Chrissy-mouse to everyone.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Very Special Secret Paw

Its Here!!
Open it! Open it!!!
Ok, ok give me a sec, Beezer.
Oh, Beezer.


Its from Libby.

Libby? *softly* She went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Yes, she did.
Here is what her Mommy wrote:

"Dear Beezer,
Libby Marie Riley is your secret pal. Sorry your present wasn't out sooner, but after we bought and wrapped your present Libby passed away from leukemia. Know that she picked these out toys just for you, hope you like. She also gave them her seal of approval.
Merry Christmas Beezer!
Libby's Mommy"

Is Libby OK at the bridge?

Yes, she is. She doesn't feel sick any more, and there are great places to nap and other kitties to play with while they wait for their families to come to them when its their time.

But still, its sad that Libby won't be with her family this Christmas.

Yes, it will be a very bittersweet Christmas this year, but there will be a special angel around the tree.

I'm sending them extra purrs so they don't feel so sad. Do you think they'll know?

Yes, Purrs go right to the heart, that's why they are so special.

*Purrrrrrrr, Purrrrrrrrrr, Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

Can we open the presents?

I think we can.

Oooooo What great toys!!

This one has pink feathers!
I hope Skeezix won't get too jealous.

And this one has yellow fringe!
Oooo and nip, I can smell it.

Ooooo, Pink Feathers and its on a string. I love toys on a string.
This is going to be a lot of fun to play with.

He-he! Yellow fringe is totally coo-L!!!

Thank you, thank you Libby and Libby's Mommy.
These are the bestest Christmas presents ever!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sweet Dreamin'

Shhhhh...... If we're quiet I think we can hear what Beezer is dreaming Santy Paws will bring him.

Mmmmm.... Treats, pounce treats. And some of those temp-taste-ons everyone is talking about. And a no more rule about having to finish one pack of treats before opening a new one.

Mmmmmm.... Tuna-tinis, gallons and gallons of Tuna-tinis!

And some Salmon, and cod, and shrimp, and scallops, and crab, and lobster, and sardines Mmmm......

A feather on a stick would be fun. And some rolly things.

But not a new scratchy thing. I always get a scratchy thing. Its like getting new socks and underwear, my person never likes that.

I'd like all my friends to have a healthy and happy new year, with a warm lap to sit in. Or just to know that the beans that love them are close by (for those who don't like to lap sit. But, seriously, they should try it.) A snuggly bed to sleep in, stinky goodness in our dishes and lots and lots of nip!

I hope that all the kitties that don't have forever homes find them.
Peace and comfort for all the persons who had their kitties go to the bridge this year. I hope that they can find room in their heart for a new kitty that really, really needs them.

Mmmmmm..... Treats lots and lots of treats and more treats!!Oh, I didn't hear you come in, I was just having a little snooze. The sunshine is nice and warm.

You're such a good boy Beezer, I hope all your dreams will come true.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

For Piper

The beautiful Piper is gone from She will be missed.

It was Laurence's wonderful pics of his great kitty friends that got Beezer and I started blogging. We are so saddened by the news. Purrs to her family, Nardo and Frisky and her Dad and Mom.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Crab Feast

Its that time of year again -- Crab Season in San Francisco!!

I invited some special friends to help me share it: Precious Flower, Mistrie Rose and Patches all the way from the Big Piney Woods and their blog The Calico Girls.I waited by the window a long time for them to get here. My person said they would arrive mid-morning and then we could all go down to Fishermans Wharf for the day.

And then, like magic they were here! In my living room, the three mostest beautiful and sweet girl kitties ever. As Mistrie Rose is an out door girl and not very comfortable in a small apartment we went right down to the wharf, were all the action takes place.

(No, that isn't one of our famous Cable Cars its just a street car)
Its a nice sunny day not too warm, not too cool. I stayed close to my girls... I didn't want anyone to get lost.
Oh, there are some really great smells here, the salt air and a whiff of crab cooking!

But first a little exploring.
Here are some of the boats going out to sea under the Golden Gate Bridge.
See all the 'Crab Pots' on the deck? That's what they catch the crabs with. Soon they'll be back full of juicy, tasty crab for lots of dinners.

Then we all went over to the beach at Aquatic Park.
The girls had never seen the ocean, or the Bay before. Mistrie Rose said the water lapping made her think of something .... I told her that over behind the rocks was a good place to take care her needs. So, while she was doing the needed, Precious Flower and Patches rested on the sand.
(I don't think anyone saw the little sea bird!)
Precious Flower couldn't sit still so she went and dipped her paw in the water, that girl is just a ball of energy! She jumped back because the water is so well, wet. Then she licked her wet paw and said "Yuck, yuck, yucky!"
"That's salt water, for fish and crabs to live in, not for kitties to drink. But don't worry we have plenty of regular water to drink as well." I told her. "You have 2 kinds of water? Wow!"
The sweet girl is something else, I tell ya.

Mistrie, came running back and told us that she had met the nicest local kitty behind the rocks, a "real salty Tom" he called himself. But she didn't say any more. Just then I heard the horns of the boats coming back.

It was time to go pick out out dinner! The Crab man held up some of his catch that day, and I asked Patches which one she liked best. "I like the ones that are all wiggly." "Good choice," I said, "That means they are the freshest." Then Mistrie Rose and Precious Flower picked out the ones that they thought were the tastiest.
All that needed to be done was to have them cooked up for our dinner. Here's what they looked like just out of the steamer.
Mmmm.... smells so good!
We were all licking our chops! The cook cracked them with his wooden mallet like this ---
tap,tap, CRACK!
tap, tap, CRACK!
tap, tap, tap... CRACK!!
Its a special music you hear only at crab season. This is how you get all the sweet meat out of the hard shell.
You should have seen Precious Flower's eyes. Big as saucers following every tap and keeping time with her tail. Flick, flick, SWISH! Flick, flick SWISH!

Here is what our dinner looked like:I was a little worried about Precious Flower's tummy and didn't want her to have an upset. Being the good sister she is Patches brought along some of her special diet. The cook was nice and saved a little of the broth, so she had a tiny sip. We all watched as she sniffed, and then lapped up the flavorfull broth. when she was done she licked her whiskers and said "That is the best thing I've ever tasted!" Then she gave me a little head butt, that sure is enough to make any host smile. Her sisters dug right in and with purrs they agreed with her. The sweet girl didn't want to go back to her special diet food, but was makin' eyes at my plate. So, I nosed a little morsel over to her, and with a flick it was gone. I nosed a second over to her, really less than half a bite, and she ate that too. "No more," I purred, "think of your tummy."
And with that she went back to her dinner like the good girl she is.

After dinner, we were all very full and in need of a good wash and a nap. My person said that she'd have a blanket for us on the beach, so we all went there.It wasn't long before the fog started rolling in to put a chill in the air, and the sun was starting to set. My person gently said that it was time for the girls to go home because Precious Flower is still young and has to be home before dark. There were purrs and kisses and head butts all around. "Can I come back and visit you again?" Precious Flower said. "Of course you can my dear, it would be a pleasure." I replied. "Maybe Beezie would like to come to the Big Piney Woods" said Mistrie Rose. "And bring a little more Crab?" added Patches. "As long as its in season, we don't have it all year. Just for a short time, its a special treat." I said. We all shared one last purr.
And then they were off.

I'm sure the sweet girls from the Big Piney Woods had as much fun as I did. Its not often that a guy gets to spend the day (and have a great dinner) with 3 of the sweetest, and most wonderful girl-kitties ever. I know that there were a few Toms on the beach that were giving me the evil eye for having all 3 to myself.
He-he, I am truly a lucky guy.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Seven years ago a little kitten came into my life who is the embodiment of the saying 'love purrs'. Beezer's official, legal Gotcha! date is November 25 1999. It was the Wednseday before Thanksgiving (the last Thursday in November) in the US, so no matter the date we celebrate on the Wednseday before Thanksgiving.

During the summer the kitty who came before had gone to the Bridge after 18 and a half years. Charlotte and I were together more than half my life and I was quite heart broken. I was sure that I wanted another kitty in my life, but wasn't sure that I was ready.

The San Francisco SPCA has, for the past 20 years, has held a home for the holidays adoption program called 'Holiday Windows'. That year, I don't remember the theme, but it was in the window display of Neiman Marcus on Union Square in San Francisco. It was a half day at work so I thought I'd just go and see what there was to see.
Well .... what I saw was this ...(Sorry I don't have a better pic, this is a snapshot from a film camara shortly after he came home)

I was sitting in this strange place, although nice, with a few other kittens none were from my family. I don't remember much and there is little known about the time before I came to the SF-SPCA, but everyone was nice to me -- even the Vet who did something to my little bottom to fix it.

I could tell that the person who was standing on the street in front of the glass was a little lonely and a little sad. Still, she looked nice and I wanted to go home so I said "Hello".

He was so self possessed, just sitting there, with another kitten sleeping a few feet away. He looked up and meowed. I stood there a while thinking about if it was a good idea. I had thought about getting a kitty that was in need of a good home but might be harder to place. But, after all that goes with having an older cat and her elder cat health issues, and then her passing, a kitten that would be with me for a long time also had a lot of appeal. So after making eye contact and faces at the little guy for a while I went in and adopted him. He was the first to be adopted that year.I Grew up to be quite the handsome fellow, don't you think? I knew that I would be happy with her as my person and I was right! We like to sit and watch TV, play with the feather on a stick, the rollie balls and ribbon. She also likes to give me treats. Ok, ok I *LOVE* treats!

Every year we celebrate our special day with Tuna-tini's and a hug and lap sit. Oh, and she gives me treats! She also brushes, scratches and pets me in all the places I really like so I give her the love eyes.

Happy Gotcha! day Beezer. I love you my sweet boy. A day without you is a day without sunshine.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wide Load Wednesday

Does the carpet make my butt look big?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

How Beezer Got 2 Dinners

Whatzza matter, Beezer?
Did you forget something?
Umm .... My dish is empty.
Oh, Beezie! I'm so sorry, I came in the door and the phone rang.... It must have slipped my mind. How about some tuna instead of crunchies?
Here ya go. Hey, wait! I *did* give you some crunchies!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sleeps In Strange Places

Kitties like to sleep in strange places, I bet yours has a few places that make you shake your head in wonder. I mean how could a sink be comfortable? Beezer does that, of course, and he has a few that are all his own.

Folks that visit our home often ask why we have a kitty bed in the bathroom. The answer is quite simple. When he was younger Beezer got into the habit of pulling the towels down from the towel bar, wet or dry it didn't matter (I have no idea why). Then he discovered the joy of making a nest to sleep in them. After a while I got tired of stepping out of the shower only to find a lot of kitty fur on my towel. I thought that if he had his own bed there he'd leave my towel alone. (I know, I know, silly human.) But he has found that he likes his bed better than my wet towel. He still pulls it down over himself like a blanket. I can never win.

He also likes to nap in the evil carrier. He out grew the one he had as a kitten. (He's a big boy! )When I brought the new one home I put one of his favorite blankies in it and left it in the living room so he could give it a good sniff and with luck, I thought, get a little used to it so it wouldn't such a pain to get him into it when I had to. One day I walked in and I saw him napping in there. So I left it in the living room -- hey it might be needed in an emergency.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bed Time

No, I'm not sleeping!
I'm helping to make the bed.
There is sooo much to do....
Gotta smooth out the wrinkles..... Gotta be careful not to use my claws. Boy, she got upset the time I ripped the sheet. I didn't mean to. Good thing she can't stay mad at me for long.

Looks good over here.
Yeah, this corner is just right.

Hey, I sleep here too ya know.
Sweet dreams and snuggles to everyone.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006


After a long day of power napping, stretching in a sun beam, and kicking some litter on the floor (Ok, ok, I'll change it all not just scoop, sheesh!), followed up with a big dinner Beezer has a little snooze before lap time.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Of all the names I have for Beezer 'Action Cat' isn't really one of them.

Hey, I'm a lap cat, a lover, a snuggler!

Ahemm ... as I was saying, every now and then something comes along that catches his attention. This week the draw string from my PJ's came out in the laundry, and before I had the chance to thread it back through Beezer thought it was a great new toy.

Get the string, get the string! *Chomp*

Bat the string, jump and catch!
Get the string!

Ok, I'm done. Gonna go see if I can find a snack.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lap Time

If you were sitting here I'd be in your lap.

Now that's an offer I can't refuse.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wha'Cha Lookin' At?

Hey, Beezer wha'cha lookin' at?

I'm watching the birds that live on the ledge of the building next to us.

Oh, Beezer, you wouldn't know what to do if a bird flew in and sat next to you!


Beezer, turn around and smile for the camera.

No. I'm Busy, go away.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm back

I'm sorry that I've been gone for so long. But , My person kept having all these reasons she couldn't help me; first it was work, then vacation (I got left for 5 whole days! Yeah, this guy would come over and make sure I had lots of crunchies and fresh water, but I missed my lap time every evening.) Then she got this cold and was all coughy and sneezy and I had to give her lots of extra rubs and loves to feel better.

Here are some pics of me sitting on the back of the desk chair we share, while she runs the rug monster all over. Yeah, I'm keeping a eye on the noisy thing. It won't get me up here. She puts this jean jacket over the back of the chair so that I don't get scared and dig my claws into the leather.

So, did everyone have a good summer? I'm glad that its gonna be fall soon, its more fun to snuggle in the cool weather and I'm all about the snuggle.

Ramona did a grrreat job with the walk for the kitties in New Hampshire. you can read all about it here: Caturday. Way to go girl! Purrs and head butts for you and your brothers.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

You can be a Top Cat

I know that all us 'poodins' are spoiled and happy in our forever homes, but there are some who are waiting to find the person or family that will be theirs forever. My friend Ramona of Caturday is trying to help some of the kitties all the way in New Hampshire so that they can find their own forever home.

The Conway Area Humane Society, in the town where Ramona lives, is having a fundraising 'The Walk for Animals'. Now, I know that this is mostly a d*g type thing, but she's gonna find a way for all us kitties to show how much we care too. She says she's gonna have a flag with our names on it that'll show those woofies what's what. And ya know, the little girl has spunk so I know that it'll rock. She sure is a Top Cat.

If you have a dollar or a few more that you can send to help that'd be great. My pledge page (and more info) is here and you can find more about the shelter here.

I hope you'll take a look and help to make all the kitties Top Cat!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I've been Tagged

Well, I’ve been tagged by my fellow big ‘n’ ginger friends, Fat Eric and Eric & Flynn.

Here are the rules: The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself and your humans.” At the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. My real name is Butterball. I’m named in honor of a great ginger and white kitty my person knew as a little girl. He lived on her grandfather’s farm.

2. I love the bathroom! I have my snuggle bed there (for when its cold) and I like to hide under the big claw foot tub when ever there are visitors. (I’m a one person kinda kitty).

3. I won’t eat people food. Ever! Maybe just a little juice from a tuna can, but that’s it.

4. I like to nap in my kitty carrier.

5. I was on TV (that’s the telly to you UK kitties)! The day I picked my person there were some people from the local TV news there to do a story on the SPCA and the kitties (and d*gs) that needed homes. Coz I was the first to go to a forever home they made me a star.

I tag:
Rico Loco, Brandi, Rafe and Rhett
Oh, its so hard to find 5 people who haven't been tagged so I just have 3. I think its coz we live in San Francisco and we are the last to see everything.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Tummy Tuesday

Beezer show me your tummy!

Ok, but its gonna cost ya.
Oh Yeah, how much?

Rub the tummy .... 2 treats

Kiss the tummy .... 4 treats

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chair Warz

This is *my* chair.

Don't even think about sittin' here.

Talk to the claws, Coz the big 'B' ain't movin'!

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cool Cat

Beezer, its so hot kitties all over are in danger of melting. How do you stay so cool?
Come on, Beez! You gotta have a secret. Won't you share with all the kitties?


Well, how about Eric in the UK?

Eric? I like Eric, he's ginger and big boned like me.

Yes, he is. So, what is the secret?

Think cool thoughts.

Cool thoughts? Like about how the fog rolls in and keeps us cool?

Cool. Like Miles Davis, Charlie Parker cool.

Beezer, I didn't know you were a big jazz fan.

I am.
And if you roll over you can get a nice breeze on your tummy.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nap Time

Some times I loose the battle and he gets to stay in my desk chair. He just looks far to cute to move.
Sleepy boy.

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