Monday, June 29, 2009

Tattle - Tail Tuesday

Kitties you just wouldn't believe the night I had!

I know that lots of you are hot - hot - Hot! But, here in the City By The Bay, when the fog rolls in at night it can get chilly. So, the other night it was a little cooler than I really like, so I thought that I'd snuggle under the covers. I wiggled and squiggled and wiggled some more until I was all comfie snuggled up right behind the mombean's knees, where it was warm. I was all purry and sleepy, just about to nod off when It happened.

It was a very loud sound that went ---
It came for the big butt right next to mine head.

And then, well, bless mine paws and whiskers, there came the smell!
I think she was trying to poison me with toxic gas.
Like any normal kitty I did what came naturally I sneezed. A big wet sneeze! And I gots the H-E-double hockey sticks outta there.

She just giggled and said "Sorry Beezie. It musta been the bean burrito I had for lunch."

I spent the rest of the night on top of the covers. If you ever hear the words bean and burrito I suggest you run for your life.

"Hey! Your tuna poots ain't potpourri, ya know."

Hummpff. I just hope mine smeller isn't broke.