Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank You For All The Love

Beezer's mombean here,

I know that I haven’t been keeping up with Beezer’s blog as much as I should for the past few months. It’s just that I started a new job with a start up company in April, and while it’s a great company with a great future and opportunity for me, it’s been a lot of work. After staring at computer screen for 8-9-10 hours I’m a little pooped when I get home. So, I’m sorry that we haven’t been as active as posters as we heave been in the past.

I’d like to close out Beezer’s blog with this post. Oh, we’ll still be around and visit as much as we can, but I want to spend as much time with my special guy as I can. His illness came on a lot faster that I ever would have imagined. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I noticed he was sleeping more than usual, and he started eating less than usual and was losing a little weight. I thought mostly it was just the change of seasons, but worth a trip to the vet, just a little bug that maybe some antibiotics would clear up. He was still coming to me for hugs and lap sits, not to mention treat time! So, I didn’t think anything was really wrong.

I can’t tell you how hard this has hit me. His 10 year gottcha day is just a few weeks from now, and he’s never been sick a day. I thought we had years to come. His vet at the great Pets Unlimited in San Francisco said that cats often hide that they are sick.

Beez is just a magician. His diagnosis, isn’t good at all, Dr. James said he has severe high blood proteins and other abnormalities in his blood work up so that even with chemo he gain just a few weeks maybe a few months if we were especially lucky. I have decided that the quality of his life is much more important than a little extra time, so we won’t do anything that drastic, but give as much support as he needs to be happy. Currently, he’s in no pain, enjoying hugs and kisses with his strong purr in my ear and a good lap-sit in the evening. That is what matters most to us, so as long as he’s happy I’ll be happy and enjoy our time together –however long that may be. He can eat what ever he wants and have all the treats and tuna-tinis he wants. He has an appetite stimulant which I hope will encourage him a little more, and some antibiotics to help support his immune system. He really digs the greenies pill pockets, so that makes it a treat to take his medicine. He had sub-Q fluids at the vet, and that seemed to perk him up, Dr. James said that they can teach me how to give them to him if we decide that that would be good for him.

He has always been a very loving and trusting fellow, and that hasn’t changed at all!

We have truly enjoyed our time with all of you in the cat blog-o-sphere. From the miracle kitties, KC and Dinna-mites, to the purr-rageous pirate Fagin, to Darling Millie with her bionic leg who brought us to Gizzy and Jasmine. --- I will always treasure Beezie's Gizzy quilt knowing how much he enjoyed his naps on it. And Kimo & Sabi with their own special miracle, the blurpie girl. To the Gorgeous Gingers and the Man Cat’s Club to the Secret Paws and I’ll never forget the True Love Bus Tour! Or Skeezex and Mao, Rocky & (life’s a) Trip, to Jeter Harris, Chai Latte, Daisy and Harley, Fat Eric, Eric and Flynn, Miss Peach, Hot(M)BC and Milo & Alfie …. Oh, there are just so many to name, I better stop now or I’ll forget someone – I can’t do that! You have all meant so much to us. There must be many more smiles than tears we’ve shared together over the years. Beezer and I talk about all of you often, and we will as long as we can. My special pal from across town (waves) Halloween brought us some Lourdes water because you never know; and he is a San Francisco kitty after all.

Good friends will always see each other again, so I know that Beezer will wait with the others that have gone on to the bridge before us until we can all be together again.

We wish all of you purrs, headbutts, happy naps in the sun and oodles of treats!