Thursday, October 30, 2008

Helpin' With The Chores

I knows the mombean is cuttin' back and tryin' ta save, but....
The new trash bags she's got doesn't fit the trash basket.
Just look!
I's can get mine paw in here. What will happen if the trash does too?

Nothing good comes when ya try's ta help.
Ya knows, I think I'm just gonna act like nothing is wrong.
Ya thinks she'll notice?

(mombean note: He had his whole head in the hole at one point. Alas, I wasn't quick enough with the camara)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Farmer Beezer's Farm Report

Hi kitties!
Farmer Beezer here with the farm report.

I know that for all you kitties in the northern climates its harvest time for your outsides garden, and now its time to start thinking about your insides winter garden. I have have 2 lil' pun'kins fresh from the vine to dress up mine window garden spot. I thinks it adds a little somethin' special. (I has to get the mombean to wash the outsides of the window. She says its a pain in the 'tocks coz we lives on the 3rd floors)

As you can see I have a nice crop of yummy kitty grass for some green munchin'. I also have some nip comin' in for the dark and cold evenings ahead. Its soooo hard to just let it grow and not take a little munch to make sure that its growing right. But, it really is worth the effort. A little fesh nip makes any time brighter! (Also, mine mombean keeps moving it to a window shelf where I can't get to it. Bummer.)

So make sure that you have all your supplies for the winter window growing season ahead. I always suggest you get some fresh 'wheat berries' from the health food store to grow the best kitty grass coz its cheaper. You's just plant them like they's seeds -- coz they are!
Save some green papers for happy beans and grow munchy greens for a happy kitty!

Ta-ta for now,
Farmer Beezer

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Am So Not....


Yeah, that's what I said.
I am not. Boring.
See the reason I haven't had a new post in so long is that I've been told that I really don't do anything very interesting. Well, Hummmpppffffffff is all I have to say to that.

Here's what I've been doin'..........Nappin' in mine kitty cave. Now that the season has started to change I'm changing up mine nappy spots.

Checkin' out the baby pumpkins we gots for fall decorations.

Sharin' mine bed with a lil' pumpkin to show the Great Pumpkin that I'm a sincere mancat so's he'll bring me lots & lots o' treats on Halloween.

Back to mine Kitty Cave for a snooze after playin' with mine favorite rolly-ball, parked next to mine cave.

Checkin' out the Ham-Micks I gots for holiday prezzies to send to mine cousins back east. I must say Dorfington Fish Stanley Does a great job here. I'm sure that mine cousins in New York and in Mass-a-chew-sits will love these. Please note that I restrained mine self and just gave it a good sniff; then put a little of mine own smell on it, but didn't nap on it.
(I hopes your brofur, Bow, is feelin' better. Purrs to hims)

Listening to sweet Darling Millie demanding some treats!
You go girl! Tell that mombean to make with the good stuff and quit takin' all the pictures.

Cozyin' up to mine nip ravioli/ pillow for a little r'n'r.

Now does all this sound like I'm a boring fellow??
No, I don't think so either.