Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ya Just Can't Get Good Help

Wow! Its been a whole month since I've added a post to mine blog!!
Ya know its not my fault. Its all the mombean's fault. She's been gone a lot lately. She goes out the door early and doesn't get home until late. She says, "I've been at work, I've just been doing a lot of overtime."

Yeah, I know, that really isn't much of an excuse. Lame I'd say.
No visiting mine friends, and leaving messages on their blogs. No surfing the web. GRRRRR!
So, I've been giving her the laser eyes of disapproval.

"Hey, I've been spending 10, or more, hours a day, eyeballs glued to a computer monitor, when I get home I'm tired. I just want a little down time with a sweet kitty in my lap."
Yeah, OK ... I do like a nice lap sit.

Do you remember a long time ago, there was a Benefit Bunny Bash? All the cool buns were there, they had all kinds of fun music & dancing (boy, those bunnies can binky!). They really liked my dancing and I won a really cool prize:
Its a special hand knit bunny to call my very own. It was made specially for me by the wonderful mombean of Miss Eve and Neville, two great Buns from Nottingham England. You can read all about their adventures at their bloggy Bunnies, Needles and Books.
Thank you very much!!
This is a great prize from great buns.

I call him Ginger Snap, because he is the color of ginger kitty like me and the ginger snap cookies mine mombean likes to eat.

He's very soft and snugglie with a fun poofy pom-pom tail, so I've been told. Mombean sez that he is something she called an air-loom. Whatever an air-loom is... It means that I don't get to play with him because ya just can't play with a air-loom. You have to keep it nice so that you can keep it for a long, long time. Mombean sez "Ginger Snap is a treasure. I can feel the bunny love that is in every stitch."
(Do you like the picture of him on mine Gizzy Quilt? There are many talanted and generous people in the blogosphere!)

Here I am working hard, this is what I do for overtime.
I'm gonna work on mombean to post more, so I can keep up with all mine friends.
See ya soon!