Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lucky, Lucky Guy

Ya know I think I'm the luckiest guy on the planet. I've got a great home, a bean mom that really loves me, and wonderful friends all around the world!

A little while ago 2 of my bestest pals from the UK, Eric and Flynn had a contest on their site to see who would be the kitty or bean to post the 1000th comment. Guess what? It was me!! I wasn't really trying, I was just tell 'em how great it is to eat some nip, just goes to show ya, nothin' can go wrong when yer talking 'bout the nip. They sent and email to my bean and told her that we won the prize!

It arrived yesterday at her worky-hunting place and she brought it home to Me!
It smells good. Is this what the UK smells like?
Hurry up open it so we can see what is inside.

Wow! I think I smell Eric & Flynn! All this shreaded paper will be fun.

No, Beezer that's just for packing, look at all the pressies!

Holy Smokes!! That's like everything in the pet shop!

There's balls with bells in them (the kind I leave around for you to step on); and crinckle foil ball; and a ball that's net really a ball but is made of rubber band thingies & has a bell in it and I can bat and chase it; and dancing mousie on a string; and a red stripe mousie with nip inside and its on a string; and a furry mousie with feather tail and this other black thing on a string .......

Take a breath.

Oh and lovely treats! Many, many lovely treats! 2 flavors of temp-tay-shuns, some that are in a pouch that smell like chicken called Felix! And stinky goodness. Sheba, in 3 different flavors and 2 flavors of Gourmet!
And a letter that is suit-able for framing proclaiming me the winner!!

Phewww thats a whole lotta stuff.
Can I have some of the Sheba for dinner?

Don't you have something to say to Eric & Flynn?

Ummmm.... I got so excited I forgot.
Thank you Eric & Flynn!!
You guys are the bestest buds a kitty could have.

And a big thank you to their Mum and Dad too!

After dinner playtime!

Along came a spider....

Monday, February 12, 2007


Oh, dear! Now my girl wants to go dancing.
Put your right - no left paw in and shake it...
I'm not sure about this, Precious Flower.
I think I may need some lessons!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Will you be my special girl?

This is the first poem I've ever written. I hope you like it.

Sweet and petite
All purrs with 4 fluffy feet
Big eyes all aglow
She never goes slow

Naughty and nice
Floofy and fun
Sleepy or awake
My heart is hers to take

She's never late for dinner
I know she's a winner
Where the wild winds blow
She lives with the snow

In The Big Piney Woods
Some call her Precious Flower
Some call her Squirt

May I call you my special Valentine?

With love your Beezie