Monday, June 30, 2008

Caturday Meme

Hi ya!!
I spent the afternoon just hangin' around thinkin' about my answers to the meme that mine good pal and fellow mancat Pepi tagged me for.

Ok..... Here's da rules for the meme: Be honest. Tag other people. Have fun!

What is your name?
Well, mine official name (the one they have at the v-e-t office) is Butterball. I helped mine mombean figure out that Beezer is a heck of a lot better.

If you could change your name, what would it be?
I already ready changed it! I think Beezer reflects my inner-mancat. Although, sometimes mine mombean calls me 'Beezie-Boo' or 'Beezie-Weezie-Boo'; but that is just when she's lovin' on me with hugs & kisses so I kinda let it slide.

What is your pet's name?
Does kitty grass count? Cuz I calls it *nom,nom,nom*

What is your brother or sister's name?
I'm an only kitty. Sometimes mine mombean talks about a sibling for me, like when there are pictures of really cute kittens on the blogosphere. But I just love on her and she knows that I'm not inta sharin' her with any other kitty.

If you could change their name, what would it be?
Ummmm...... I don't know what to say here.....

I tag:
& anyone else who hasn't played yet!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Freebies Stuff!!

A few weeks ago mine good pals at Artsy Catsy listed a whole bunch of places that would send kitties stuff for free! Yeah, that's right no green papers needed. Well, I just filled out a few things and click - click all done.
Go Here to see all the places they found, you'll be glad you did!

This week stuff started arrivin' so far I got some great crunchies from Blue Buffalo. It even came with a coupon so when mine mombean goes to get me more she won't have to give the store so many green papers.

Man this stuff was good. Sadly, I ate it all and there is none left. Bummer.

Look what arrived today! Yeah, that's Greenies!! Free Greenies!!! I just don't know what could be better..... Uh, what's wrong with this picture? Its not open, that's what. MEOW! Open, open, open.

Oh, yeah, eatin' free Greenies!
I just open mine mouth and mombean places a yummy Greenie inside ... Curnch, crunch. *nom, nom, nom* I'm ready for another.

Thank you, thank you Rocky, Fracas, Callie, Ivan, Oscar, Lucy & Bitsy. You kitties are the best pals.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nap Blankie

Its the weekend! And that means I get to nappy with mine mombean and the nap blankie. I really loves nappin' with mine mombean, its the besterest part of the weekend. I look forward to it all week.

I also love the nap blankie. Mine mombean has had the nap blankie for ... oh, I don't know, it was here when I got here. She sez that she used the nap blankie to nap with the kitty who came before, and the kitty who came before that, and even the kitty who came before that!! She sez that was a long time ago and she was just a little bean kitten then. Her Grant Aunt (her Grandmother's sister) made it and gave it to her.

My Pug pal Lucky has a blankie that she uses when she naps with her boybean kitten, PlusOne. It kinda looks like mine.

Hey Lucky, where did your nap blankie come from?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Reading

Hey! Beezer, how did my book get on your bed? I haven't finished reading that yet.

I'm just starting my summer reading. I try to be a well read kitty and its a good thing that I have similar tastes to mine mombean.

Cormac McCarthy's newest was published a year and a half ago, and will be a major motion picture soon.

The Road is McCarthy's dystopian, post-apocalyptic novel is set in a world of nuclear winter where ash is falling like snow and all wildlife and plants have died. There is no mention of kitties, and I shudder to think what may have happened to them.

The main people are a father and son who are traveling to find some place or any place where they can just live. As they make their way to the sea, where the father thinks it may be better, they encounter all manner of horrors. The only thing that keeps them alive and moving is the love the father has for his son, and his determination that the boy will survive.

I won't give away the end, but I found this to be a very thought provoking book and would recommend it to any kitty or their bean.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Furry Fighter Friday

The Storm has won her fight.

But, I'll keep on fighting!

I'll miss you sweet girl.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

ManCat Monday

Real ManCats always eat their greens!Mmmmmmm .......
Tasty greeny goodness!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Bad Boy

Mine monbean is a big, big music fan and she has 3 big racks full of CD's, I mean she must have a bazillion of these things! When I want something, like more crunchies in my bowl and she just won't listen to me meow, or if I want to nap in the desk chair and she just wont move, I pull a few off the rack.
It really makes her crazy!
She sez stuff like "Beezer NO!!" And "Bad Boy!"Like I'm gonna listen to that. I WANT somethin' and I WANT IT NOW!!

If I get no response the first time I just do it again. Like this:

I've been doin' this since I was a kitten.
Oh yeah, I'm a bad boy alright!
Bad Boy, Bad Boy, Wa-cha gonna do?
I think we know who really runs this place.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Its Exhausting

I's all tuckered out from catching up with all my pals and just need to rest my eyes......

Oh, just to let my pals at Jan's Funny Farm know, I don't not like woofies. Roxy and Lucky are grrrreat woofies and grrrreat cyber-pals, just like you are.

But, when I's was a little guy I's was at the V-E-T for a well kitten check up, and when I's was waiting for the doctor there was this really big woofie who came up and stuck his HUGE nose up to my PTU started sniffin'. I's never seen a nose that big before!! I's got real scared at that big nose pointin' right at me! I's gots all hissy and puffy and I's hissed & puffed as big as I's could hiss & puff. Mine mombean grabbed the PTU and moved it up where that nose couldn't get to sniff at me. She held me close and rubbed my ears and told me it was OK..... [mombean: it was Lab type, very friendly to kitties, woofie]

So's I's not sure I's like woofies in person. No one should have a nose that big. *shudders* And wet!! *shudders again*

Oh, mine mombean sez that she loves, loves, loves woofies. She even grew up in a house that had kitties, woofies & bunnies!!