Saturday, January 21, 2006

Of all the places

to nap!

Beezer says: "Well, I never really leave the apartment, but I like to put forth the image that I'm a guy on the go."
("I did go into the hallway a few weeks ago, but it frightened me so I ran back in to the apartment")


Anonymous said...

Oh, Beezer.
I'm sure you are the bravest of all cats to sleep *gulp* in "that".
If I even get a glimpse of "that" I go into hiding because I think it means V*T. I am so impressed.

Anonymous said...

My bruvver sleeps in ours. it is big and soft and he curls up on a towel in there like a cave kitty. I am not allowed to go in but sometimes I lie on top.

Petey said...

We have one like that, it's stacked on top of a larger one. They both have towels in there to sleep on. We all take turns sleeping in them.