Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where have you been?

All this week mine mombean has been rushing through dinner and then dashing out the door to be gone for about an hour. Then when she comes home with odd smells on her.
Where has she been going?
She has been seeing other kitties!
Their beans are on vacation, and she has been going to feed and check on them.
This is Bucky. He's a handsome buff - light ginger mancat. Mine mombean sez that he is really sweet and always meets her at the door with a meow and begs for lovin'. Yes, he's a real love sponge. He likes to give her little sandpaper kisses and even little love bites. Not the kind of bites that hurt, he's much too much of a gentlemancat for that, and little soft paw whaps (claws carefully sheathed) too. Mine mombean gives him lots of pets and brushes him too, he likes that. He also follows her around when she is getting his chow and fresh water. She even scoops the litter!

This is Suzy-Q. She's a little shy at first, but she really likes mine mombean now. She likes to be rubbed on and brushed. She even gave mine mombean some sandpaper kisses too! I think she's a real looker, she has such sweet eyes, and beautiful cow-cat black spots. First Halloween and now Suzy-Q, California Girls kitties are da bomb! Am I right guys?

They are more interested in getting loves then the chow she gives them (the bowls are all empty when she goes to see them -- I guess they feel that they can eat any time but gotta get the lovin' while she's there), which mime mombean thinks is really sweet. So, she has been sitting with them for a while and giving them pets and stuff.

Mine mombean sez that their beans will be back from their vacation tomorrow. I guess that its OK that she has been going to see them and getting their smell all over her hands and jeans. They might be lonely with there mombean and dadbean away.

As long as mine mombean remembers who really owns her. Me!


Lux said...

What beautiful kitties! Suzy-Q has some really unusual markings!

Anonymous said...

You are very sweet and generous Beezer, they would be missing their momma very much butz you know your momma always comes home to you :)
Now close your eyes.. good... they are such gorgeous kittys, and Suzy-Q is awesome, her colors are crazy, even down to her cow like nose, it looks like a snout coz of the blacks. :)

Earthypix said...

Hey Beezer!
Your mombean is very kind to look after those kitties.Suzy-Q sure is beautiful.

The Meezers or Billy said...

they're both very nice looking!! your mom is sweet for giving them loves and staying with them for a while instead of just running in and feeding them and leaving.

Anonymous said...

They are both just beautiful! We think they will be be very happy to see their family return home!


Oh what two good lookin kitties...your right Susie-Q does have cow-cat spots. That is really cool and Bucky looks like a real sweetie pie. Of course he an orange gentlemancat!

Purrs from your orange brofur from another mother...

The Island Cats said...

Beezer, it's nice that you are sharing your mom (at least temporarily) with Bucky and Suzy-Q. We mean, if you didn't, who would give them their stinky goodness???

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

Daisy said...

Beezer, you are doing a good thing to share your mom with those nice kittehs for a little while!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

My sisfurs think dat Bucky is a hunk! Yoor really nice to share yoor mommy wif dem other kitties, bet dey really preshiate it what wif der beans gone.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Those are beautiful kitties. It's very nice of your Mombean to take care of Bucky and Suzy-Q while their beans are away :-)

Victor Tabbycat said...

It's nice dat yur Mom bean can gif these kitties attention, but I'd feel like you, Beezer! MINE MOM! It's funny, I pulled up yur blog an saw Bucky an thot, "Dat's not Beezer... Derby? No, who is dat?"

Beez, I's worried. Mine beans has been comin home smellin of woofies an a few kitties. Mom says sumfin bout if they gets me a "furiend" I'll still be numero uno. Furry confusin - I's Victor, not New Marrow U Know.